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Prospecting of stadiums-Stage design for TV- Image Rights for TV.

  • Study and analysis of stadiums for friendly matches

Before undertaking the organization of a friendly match, one of the vital parts of the development is to choose the best stadium / venue for the match. For this, a fieldwork is done : analyze different aspects of each stadium / field and prepare an exhaustive report that includes relevant information on vital organizational points :

  • Security Access, Personnel needed.
  • Access.
  • Facilities.
  • Changing rooms characteristics, access.
  • VIP Zone / Access / Services and parking availables
  • Situation / Location Press/Services for Press
  • Public / Private Parking
  • Existing lighting
  • Etc.

  • Set design for TV

The brands of the sport´s world want to be there where their sponsored is, in friendly matches or in trainings. To cover this need, we propose our work to «dress» each stadium or training field according to the teams’ guidelines. We have already worked with great teams such as Borussia Dortmund, Internazionale Milan, Besiktas Istanbul, Real Betis, etc. Normally the procedure is as follows:

  1. Analysis of the stadium/venue
  2. Photomontage
  3. Final design
  4. Production
  5. Assembly: Placement and control during event.
  6. Disassembly.

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  • Image rights, audiovisual rights and sports sponsorship

One of the main sources of income for professional athletes, sports clubs and organizing entities is the commercialization and exploitation of image rights, sports sponsorship and audiovisual rights. In many cases reach almost fifty percent of the income per season and this percentage increases considerably with the rise of digital technology.

Sports sponsorship consists in the advertising of a brand by an athlete, team or sports event in exchange for a fee. The end pursued is the association of a brand to a sporting event which generates more impacts than other types of advertising. Embedded within the rules of the advertising sponsorship contract (Advertising Law), through this contract it aims to go beyond advertising and associate the sponsor with the sponsored event. The exclusivity and non-competition clauses are of great importance, in which the sponsored one can not be sponsored by another sponsor (usual case is a competitor, for example); of behavior, which oblige the sponsor not to carry out certain manifestations that damage the brand, and; preferably, that give the sponsor preference over others.

When we refer to audiovisual rights in the sports field, we are referring to rights whose purpose is the audiovisual exploitation of a sporting event, including, the recording, broadcast, transmission, retransmission, reproduction or distribution of the event. They are governed by the Law of Audiovisual Communication that requires compliance with the pronouncements in matters of defense of competence emanating from the Spanish and European authorities.

We take care of all this by having the necessary knowledge and experience, working with professionals from the legal-sports world, renowned lawyers.

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