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Marketing Plan – Campaigns – Sponsorship – Apps – Streaming – Radio and TV .

  • Marketing Plan. 

The marketing plan is a document in text or graphic format where information is collected : results of the samples obtained in market studies carried out by the company, the marketing objectives to be achieved, the strategies to be implemented and the planning to be followed.

  • Analysis moment.
  • Objectives to achieve.
  • Strategy.
  • Action plan
  • Budget
  • ROI

Communication campaigns.

The main objective of the campaigns continues to be to demonstrate the impact on the business of the activities they carry out. For this we work on:

  • Objective and goals of the Communication.
  • Key messages that are effectively easy to understand.
  • Identify communication channels, techniques and effective tools: Differentiate channels: individual contact, the community (existing social networks and media channels).
  • Techniques and tools, available communication resources by cost and funds.
  • Set and control the deadlines of the action plans.
  • Draft of Communication strategy document.

  • Sponsorship 

The sixth point is the ideal guideline to think about sponsorship. Reach the goals of Sponsorship more profitable for both parties.

  1. What makes your product / event unique?
  2. You have to be authentic. Search for the identity that makes you unique.
  3. Search / Create / Develop activations of low cost sponsorship or online Co Marketing.
  4. Exclusiveness.
  5. Follow up after the event.
  6. Think on partners, not sponsors .

  • APPS. Applications

The apps are a living tool to publicize events and products that also allow loyalty. They are no longer a big investment, considering the short-term results. The steps we propose:

  1. A mobile template is selected, today there are thousands available.
  2. The Application is edited. Logo, design graphics, video, audio, images.
  3. Publication is requested for iPhone and Android.
  4. It starts to work.

  • Sports Streaming All the sports.

Also called transmission, streaming, continuous reading, continuous broadcast or continuous download, is the digital distribution of multimedia content through the Internet, so that the user uses the product at the same time it is downloaded. Broadcasting sporting events on video and can be followed by online public, which significantly increases business opportunities and sponsorship. This service can be provided with basic transmission characteristics such as the following:

• 4 LDK 100/300 Cameras with CCU and 4.5 «viewfinder, Intercom and Tally, tripods with zoom and focus controls.
• Chain of 1 reserve camera, with CCU.
• Bridge monitoring system with presence screens of each camera,? DDR, graphic, preview and program.
• Tricaster mixer 4 channels.
• Digital titrator with graphics and personalized animations.
• Inclusion of ads in graphics.
• 20X Telephoto Optics with duplicator.
• Three 14X Optics with duplicator.
• Digital hard disk recording system SSD.
• Four channel play repetition system.
• Graphic insertion system, equipment shields and scores.
• Four Microphones of canyon environment with zepellin and anti wind.
• Two commentary microphones (type headset).
• Digital audio table 24 channels with auxiliary buses and subgroups.
• Program monitor in commentator post
• Tent or umbrella in commentator post
• Four certified 2×1 platforms with adjustable legs to position the cameras.
• Two-channel HD IP Encoder for links via fiber.
• Two-channel HD IP receiver in the studios.
• Safety generator set

  • Radio and TV

With our experience, we can obtain excellent Radio and Television Advertising plans as well as excellent prices for production in Agencies of collected trajectory.

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