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Gastón Iglesias. ¿Who I am?

The Business World today uses Marketing as the main tool to develop their business, so it is important to trust someone whose experience and professionalism can give added value to their products.

Gastón Iglesias Sport Marketing

In sports it happens too; clubs, teams and professional athletes need to satisfy the needs of their fans, and nothing better than an expert in Management and Marketing, with more than 15 years of experience to achieve their sporting and extra-sports goals.

Sponsors, online promotion channels, Communications of athletes as public figures … are all variables that a good advisor in marketing and communication must take into, because thanks to them you get the desired engagement and branding, which looks for interest for the brand or team and that subsequently leads to an increase in the number of sales (equipment, subscriptions, classes, packages, etc.).

Thanks to my extensive experience and contacts, I assure an implicit cordiality among diverse national newspapers and even at international level.

A good relationship with the media, also ensures a pleasant relationship between the Club, team or athlete and their audience.

As a member of the Sports Press Association of Spain (Madrid), communication is not only my job, but my livelihood and what I am passionate about, being in possession of the certification of that association as well as the international AIPS card, so I can cover sporting events not only at Spain level, but in other countries, thus expanding the possibilities of sports press companies, which need true sports information and proven in distant countries.

Occasional editor for several important media such as Marca (Spain), I consider the use of social networks as the main source of sports marketing today, providing all kinds of reports and photos of both Spanish and English clubs, working even with foreign media providing specialized sports information.

Member of the Málaga Marketing Club, I emphasizes my professionalism in everything I do, however small, offering advisory services to small and medium-sized marketing and communication companies that want to improve their reach to their target audience at the hands of an expert.

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